Travis Kalanick - Uber

Travis Kalanick is a serial entrepreneur.

Next to having the second highest Wii Tennis score in the world he is mostly known as the founder and CEO of Uber, the ride hailing service valued at more than $50 billion. As the CEO of Uber he is now helping to evolve the way the world moves. Opening up possibilities for drivers and making cities more accessible.


He started several successful startups after dropping out of college to pursue his entrepreneurial drive. The first of these was a successful multimedia search engine and a filesharing service under the name Scour. Travis wasn’t the type to give up. When Scour ultimately had to shut down because of copyright lawsuits from the RIAA, in 2001 he founded Red Swoosh. That’s a service allowing users to transfer large files such as music and video. This company was ultimately purchased by Akamai for $19 million.

Aside from being an extremely successful entrepreneur himself he has actively invested in and advised other startup entrepreneurs that wanted to grow their business.