Steven Schuurman - Elastic

Steven Schuurman is the co-founder and CEO of Elastic, a search engine that gives companies immediate and actionable insight from large piles of data.

When it comes to entrepreneurship, Steven believes in the startup wisdom that solving pain points of customers and hiring the best team possible are the keys to a successful company. It will be no surprise that Steven has made multiple successful exits such as Orange11 (acquired by Trifork A/S in 2012) and SpringSource (acquired by VMware in 2009)

Like a true Dutchman, Steven still has his feet on the ground. While the word “unicorn” is quietly whispered around Elastic, he’s keenly aware that valuations are greatly inflated at the present and the dangers that this presents. As he says to StartupJuncture: “If your enterprise value becomes too inflated, it can actually become too difficult to take the company public. There is too much of discrepancy what the private markets were able to pay for you and what public markets will bear as a valuation.”